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Would you like to become familiar with the operation of the 'REPORTING.CZ' and you do not know where to go? We encourage you to start with the Step By Step section.

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RERORTING.CZ is a modern cloud-based BI solutions. With its focus it covers the needs of group and individual corporate reporting focused on finance, trade, manufacturing, customer relationship management. It starts with almost box-vans to tailored solutions for specific customer individual requirements. It can connect to most ERP, whether they are located anywhere in the world. With robust ETL tool, it handles as well connection to other data sources such as CRM, timesheets systems, etc. Within the reporting, We integrate customer's as well as own solution for creating comprehensive financial plans and models Cash Flow Management - it will find a detailed description in the manual Cash Flow Management.

But what is actually the reporting? Or perhaps otherwise - What are the typical challenges of reporting? This question will certainly find a lot of different answers. As in other fields as well as in reporting, the more are the answers to the questions easier, thus they tend to be more complex way. We try to prepare all of our customers solutions that allow them a way to find the correct answers significantly reduce ...

When corporate governance among the most common questions owners and managers include:

  • How us company actually earns?
  • What causes, the company lossy?
  • We have two years enough money on development plans?
  • Pays I adopt new Merchant?

These apparently simple questions after a moment of reflection trigger another wave has specific and complex issues and related information requirements:

  • Local financial manager needs to have a complete overview of costs and revenues over time not only for the whole company, but also structured in centers, orders, projects. He wants to see the annual change in the development of major balance sheet and profit and loss aggregates. If you find anything in the financial statements of the suspect, he wants to be able to quickly trace the explanation;
  • Group CFO needs to have perfect addition and a comparison of the performance of all companies in the group, regardless of territory, used ERP, standards and local currency. He wants to see undistorted performance and results for the entire group or selected segment. Of course, after adjustment for intercompany transactions.
  • Financial controller needs to continuously evaluate prepared financial plans and see how in practice fulfilled;
  • Business owner wants to know, of course, statutory financial results and current tax position. Far more interested in him but the results supplemented by a layer of management adjustments. How else would measure the performance of key managers?;
  • Product manager determines the profitability of production and sales of individual groups or industry segments;
  • Project Manager needs to know the full cost of the projects, taking into account the contribution to overhead (ie, cost of sales, marketing, administration, or the impact of financing)
  • Manager-profit organization needs to have at all times an overview of the costs and revenues related to the project, but also the donor / provider grants or contributions;

The final decision will always be yours. In deciding qualified personnel, our solutions support the most.

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